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Voted Best Faith-Based High School and Best Independent High School by Parents' Press Magazine, Salesian offers a unique educational experience rooted in social justice and the celebration of excellence in all things.


Our Mission

Salesian College Preparatory is a Catholic school that educates young men and women to develop into good citizens for the betterment of society and the glory of God. Salesian combines the elements of church, school, playground and home in a supportive and caring environment, in accordance with St. John Bosco’s educational philosophy of reason, religion and loving kindness.

About Us

Salesian is a diverse and welcoming community that develops healthy young people by providing them opportunities to explore and pursue personal, academic, co-curricular and spiritual interests. The Salesian student community represents the multicultural and socioeconomically  diverse population of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

15:1 Student Teacher Ratio

99% College Acceptance Rate

24 Advanced Placement and Honors Courses

Over 40+ Student-led Clubs

The Salesian System of Education blends the concepts of Home, School, Church and Playground

The Salesian educational mission is to educate students holistically.  We blend the concepts of Home, School, Church and Playground to provide an enriching experience. This educational model embraces the concept of creating a caring, loving, and nurturing environment where the young can learn (school), grow in faith (church), feel comfortable (home), and ultimately be happy (playground).  Salesian College Preparatory provides a welcoming and safe environment in which our students know that they belong, like a home.  Salesian has a rigorous academic program (school) that challenges students intellectually, and encourages them to learn life lessons to develop into socially responsible citizens.  We refine and cultivate critical thinking and problem solving skills in all our students. At Salesian, we accompany our students along their faith journey as they seek meaning and purpose in their lives through their experiences and in the spirit of the gospel of Jesus Christ (a church).  Salesian continues to promote the playground traditions of St. John Bosco by creating an environment where students can interact and interrelate in a friendly and meaningful way outside of a classroom.  Salesian is a school where your creativity is honored and positive energy abounds.  We treat each of our students in a truly loving, caring,  and respectful manner, as we are open to and accepting of our differences that builds a beautiful mosaic.

Don Bosco Statue standing in front of Salesian College Prep in Richmond, CA

Salesian College Preparatory intends to:

-Educate students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds
-Encourage students to develop their unique gifts and abilities
-Value the innate talents and dignity of all students
-Develop self-worth within each individual and respect for one another in a Christian community of faith, love and fellowship

Salesian at a Glance