The Rock Game
Zachary Boyett

On Friday, January 10, Salesian hosted the annual Rock Game against St. Mary’s. For the eleventh time in twelve years, and the fifth year in a row, Salesian came out on top. For those who don’t know, the Rock Game is an annual tradition started by Coach Mellis and past St. Mary’s coaches in 2002. This game is a

token to both the past and the present, as it calls back to the friendly rivalry between both schools, stemming from the 1960s, to today. Over the years, Salesian and St. Mary’s have gone back and forth between many sports, and the Rock Game is a living reminder of the long held clash between both schools.

The game was as exciting as ever, being the closest in recent years. On the court, the competition was fierce, and in the stands the energy was high with roaring fans.  The first half of the game had many Pride fans worried, as St. Mary’s took a slim lead of 25 - 24. In the second half, Salesian pulled away with the victory with the final score of 54 - 43. Te’jon Sawyer lead the game with 18 points, followed by Shane Bell with 11


This victory is hopefully a sign of many great things to come for our basketball team, and I look forward to see how well we do this season.