Student Clubs

The following activities and clubs are offered at Salesian College Preparatory and reflect the diverse nature of our student population, enabling students to follow their passion in different areas of interest. New clubs are formed by students each year!

  • Our current clubs and moderators are:


    AAAK: Association of African American Knowledge Club Mr. Leonard Neal
    Adulting 101 Ms. Litzia Martin, Ms. Janet O'Hair
    Art Club Dr. Katie Osenga
    Asian / Pacific Islander Club (API) Mr. Adrian Mison Fulay, Mr. Chris Malixi
    Chess & Board Games Club Dr. Katie Osenga
    Club Lavender Dr. Billy Heidenfeldt
    Culinary Club Dr. Billy Heidenfeldt
    Diversity Club Mr. Corey Ott
    Drama Club Ms. Janet O’Hair
    Dual Academy Mr. Corey Ott
    Fantasy Sports Club Mr. Corey Ott
    Film Club Ms. Janet O'Hair
    Frisbee Club Dr. Elizabeth Coscia
    Habitat for Humanity Mr. Matt Janisch
    Hiking Club Dr. Elizabeth Coscia
    Interact Club Mr. Henry Moe
    Italian Club Mr. Adrian Mison Fulay, Dr. Katie Osenga
    Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) Mr. Gabriel Rhoades
    K-Pop Club Mr. David Jobe
    Latino Club Mr. Oscar Ruiz
    Music Club Mr. Andrew Harris
    National Honor Society Mr. Bill Treseler
    Ping Pong Club Mr. Roberto Martinez
    Project Cure Mr. Roberto Martinez
    Robotics Club  
    Salsa Club Mr. Steve Hogan, Ms. Litzia Martin
    Science Club Dr. Elizabeth Coscia, Dr. Katie Osenga
    Sentinel Newspaper Ms. Christina McAfee, Ms. Sarah Trott
    Sports Medicine Club Ms. Liz Darr
    Tabard (Literary Magazine) Ms. Sarah Trott
    Video Game Club Mr. Justin Rollolazo