Student Clubs

AAAK (Association of African American Knowledge and Multicultural Awareness)

Adulting 101

Art Club

API (Asian Pacific Islander Club)

Moderators: Mr. Adrian Fulay (ext. 3176; and Mr. Chris Malixi ( ext. 1916;

API is a student club that seeks to celebrate the diverse Asian and Pacific Islander cultures and educate the Salesian school community of their significant contributions. Through meetings, school-wide presentations, and the Spring Assembly, API club members share and promote the rich heritage of peoples from around the Pacific Rim.

CMT (Campus Ministry Team)

Moderator: Adrian Fulay (ext. 3176;

The Campus Ministry Team (CMT) is a student organization that prepares, organizes, leads, and evaluates various events that fosters the faith development of the school. Regular all-school liturgies, drives, and the annual Project Santa are prepared by students who meet weekly. The Campus Ministry Team is instrumental in living out the Salesian oratory model of "Home, School, Church, and Playground."


Chess and Board Games Club

Chorale (Story and Song)

Club Lavender

Moderator: Dr. Willaim "Billy" Heidenfeldt (ext. 1924;

Club Lavender provides a forum for conversation about gender identity and other issues related to tradition and non-traditional roles. 


Culinary Club

Diversity Club

Drama Club

Dual Academy

Fantasy Sports Club

Salesian News Network and Bosco Film Club

Frisbee Club

Habitat for Humanity

Hiking Club

Honor Societies

Moderator: Bill Treseler (ext. 1404;
The Honor Society acknowledges exceptional academic achievement.  Honor Society includes the National Honor Society and the California Scholarship Federation.  Both are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors and life membership in each is attained by membership in four of a student's last six semesters at Salesian.

Italian Club

Moderators: Mr. Adrian Fulay (ext. 3176; and Dr. Katie Osenga (ext. 1947;

The Italian Club introduces to students Italian American culture and also provides the opportunity for students to participate in a cultural immersion trip to Italy.  The Italian Club also seeks to educate the Salesian school community of the history and culture of Italy and Italians in America.  The Italian Club allows students to express their heritage to others, invite students to learn new phrases in Italian and discover important historical landmarks.  The Italian Club ventures to discover the rich Italian culture found in the Bay Area on outings, such as to North Beach in San Francisco. 

Interact Club

JSA (Junior Statesmen of America)

K-Pop Club

Salesian Latino Club

Major League Gaming

Music Club

Ping Pong Club

Project Cure


Moderators: Ms. Jill Seman (ext. 1903; and Ms. Litzia Martin (ext. 1925;

The Robotics club is an opportunity for students to explore multiple facets of STEM.  Students are able to design and build their very own robot using tools such as Salesian's own 3-D Printer.  Engineering is combined with Technology when the students use computer code to interact and control their robots.  The design of student's robots culminates in interscholastic and general robotics competitions where students use their robot to complete different challenges against other schools.  The Salesian Robotics Club's most anticipated competition every year is at UC Berkeley, where students and their robots are judged by professors and industry professionals on different design metrics, such as; mechanical design, software design, and engineering professionalism.  

Salsa Club


Science Club

Salesian Sentinel Newspaper

The Sentinel is Salesian's newspaper written and edited by a staff of students, electronically published periodically throughout the year.  The Sentinel covers a variety of subjects; from sports and events, to exclusive interviews and other creative columns.  

Sneaker Club

Moderator: Mr. Justin Rollolazo (ext. 1922;

The sneaker club promotes and celebrates the art of sneaker design, fashion and the sneaker culture.  We work towards attending SneakerCon, which is the signature event for sneakerheads every year.  Our club welcomes anyone who loves fresh kicks. 

Sports Medicine

SLAM (Student Leadership and Ministry)

Tabard, Literary Magazine

The Tabard is a student-run literary magazine that publishes artwork and writing by Salesian students.  The Tabard is an opportunity for students to see their creative work published and read by students and visitors of Salesian for years to come.  The Tabard is published once per year.  

Video Game Club

Moderator: Mr. Justin Rollolazo (ext. 1922;

Gamers are welcome to be themselves in this club.  From online gaming, tournaments, to head to head match-ups on a console; this club allows kids to have fun while competing and showing off their skills.  We let gamers play on a variety of platforms ranging from PC games, Xbox, Playstation to handheld gaming systems. All are welcome. 


The following activities and clubs are offered at Salesian College Preparatory and reflect the diverse nature of our student population, enabling students to follow their passion in different areas of interest. New clubs are formed by students each year!

  • Our current clubs and moderators are:

      AAAK: Association of African American Knowledge Club Mr. Leonard Neal
      Amnesty International Dr. William Heidenfeldt
      Animal Rights Fellowship (ARF) Dr. Elizabeth Coscia
      Art Club Dr. Katie Osenga
      Art Event Club Ms. Debra Shushan
      Asian / Pacific Islander Club (API) Mr. Adrian Mison Fulay, Mr. Chris Malixi
      Campus Ministry Mr. Adrian Mison Fulay
      Cheerleading Ms. Kelli Caro
      Chess & Board Games Club Dr. Katie Osenga
      Chorale (Story & Song) Mr. Marcus Klinger
      Club Purpose Mr. David Basile
      Cooking Club Mr. Oscar Ruiz
      Drama Club Ms. Janet O’Hair
      Fantasy Sports Club Mr. Corey Ott
      Film Club Ms. Janet O'Hair
      Frisbee Club Dr. Elizabeth Coscia
      Future is Now Club Ms. Litzia Martin
      Habitat for Humanity Mr. Matt Janisch
      Hiking Club Dr. Elizabeth Coscia
      Honor Societies Mr. Bill Treseler
      Interact Club Mr. Henry Moe
      Italian Club Mr. Adrian Mison Fulay, Dr. Katie Osenga
      Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) Mr. Gabriel Rhoades
      Latino Club Mr. Oscar Ruiz
      Lavender Club Ms. Ashton Morin
      Law Enforcement Club Mr. Corey Ott
      Major League Gaming (MLG) Mr. Cory Ott
      Mystery Players Ms. Andrew Harris
      Salsa Club Mr. Steve Hogan
      Science Travel Club Dr. Elizabeth Coscia, Dr. Katie Osenga
      Sentinel Newspaper Ms. Christina McAfee, Ms. Sarah Trott
      Sneaker Club Mr. Leonard Neal
      Star Wars Club Mr. Scott Smith
      Student Leadership and Ministry (SLAM) Mr. Corey Ott
      Tabard (Literary Magazine) Ms. Sarah Trott
      Tech Club Mr. Eric Mahollitz
      Tokyo Seoul Club Mr. Andrew Harris