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Salesian SLAM Students Surrounding Podium

Here at Salesian College Preparatory, SLAM is the collective form of student leadership and ministry. The mission of SLAM members within the school is to create a culture for good, a lever to serve the greater community in a vibrant Salesian spirit. By working together, SLAM members encourage spirit and cohesiveness across the entire school community through planning, implementing and evaluation of all activities. In this way, the students exemplify the Salesian educational mission.

SLAM membership comprises both the Student Body Team (SBT) Members and Campus Ministry Team (CMT) members, in conjunction with Faith Family leaders.

Interested in Joining SLAM?

Be a part of the ministry and youth leadership! Here are the three ways students can join:

  • By election to the role of SBT student leader
  • By application and interview to the role of CMT student leader
  • By selection/appointment as a Faith Family Leader

Campus Ministry is at the very heart of who we are as a Salesian community.

Our Christian calling challenges us daily to love as we have been loved by God. Our Salesian calling challenges us still further to become the image of Jesus in the ordinary daily moments of our existence. Salesian College Preparatory is unique in its efforts to emphasize that we are all involved in ministry and in the mission to make our campus an experience of God’s abiding love and compassion for all.

Campus Ministry Team (CMT)

The Campus Ministry Team (CMT) is an essential part of the Salesian community as this team helps communicate and spread our Salesian charism.

CMT members express, through their faith-based emphasis on service our Salesian committment to serve youth and those in need. CMT students are the heart of many of our school's community-focused activities. Such events include community toy-drives, fundraisers for international relief causes, and local carnivals and events for children in the community.

Students join the Campus Ministry Team through a process of application and interview. They are responsible for helping plan and lead worship, and overseeing community outreach events.

Two members of CMT are appointed to serve on the Council of the Educating Pastoral Community (CEPC).

Worship and Prayer

Guide to Keeping Holy Week

Virtual Mass

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Daily Morning Prayer

Every morning school begins with a morning prayer. Students are led in a morning reflection and prayer which sets the tone for the rest of the day.


At the beginning of the school year, Salesian students recognize the Triduum, three days of spiritual preparation which introduces the unique theme for the year. Spiritual activities include liturgies, guest lectures and student-team activities, all of which help illustrate and deepen our understanding of that theme.

Feast Day of Don Bosco

Our feast day of St. John Bosco (January 31st) is a day of worship, community sharing and celebration. For 50 years, Salesian students have come together to reflect and celebrate Don Bosco Day. Students, Faculty and Staff all participate in liturgy, and participate in fun games and activities.

Feast Day of Mary Help of Christians

In May, the Salesian community gathers for liturgy and reflection to honor the Feast Day of Mary Help of Christians.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered to classes each a year.

Retreat Program

Every year, each student takes part in a class retreat. The class retreat is designed to cultivate community and encourage students to explore their faith more fully.


The freshmen retreat in September helps new students find their place in our Salesian community. Afterwards, freshmen families attend a Welcome Dinner.


The sophomore retreat takes place in February and asks students to focus on the ways God's word is active in their lives.


The junior retreat takes place in November and focuses on the students' social responsibilities. Afterwards, junior families attend a dinner and class ring ceremony.


The senior retreat is an overnight event and takes place in March. Seniors are encouraged to celebrate their four years together and reflect on the coming transition to college life.