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Service Learning

Our goal at Salesian is to be intentional and consistent in offering, to all those involved with Salesian College Preparatory, opportunities and experiences of life-giving outreach to our neighbor and neighbors. Ultimately, we recognize that the faith we profess must be lived through our actions. The Salesian Service Learning Project (SSLP) is the instrument through which we choose to develop this key aspect of our school life.

The overarching goal of the formation of good Christians and honest citizens in keeping with sound Salesian mission ideals dictates that we, at Salesian College Preparatory, take ownership of the four major goals of service learning:

  • To encourage students, parents, staff and faculty to grow and share their faith by serving others.
  • To facilitate in all the members of the Salesian school community the capacity to “build welcoming communities.”
  • To deepen respect for the differences of others through strengthening our understanding of our mission as "church".
  • To encourage each of us to demonstrate our love of God by sharing our gifts, talents, and time with others.

In order to instill in our students the importance of participating in community service, investing in one's community and giving back, each of our students must fulfill their personal service commitments throughout the academic year. Students must partake in the following throughout the entire school year:

  • Service Day and completion of the self-assessment/reflection form. (Click here for a list of general Service sites.)
  • A service donation event (e.g., Thanksgiving Family Food Box or Project Santa Gift)
  • A service project of your choice on- or off-campus and completion of self-assessment/ reflection form, as well as a project supervisor’s confirmation of the project completion Guidelines for on- or off-Campus Service Project
    • An on-or off-campus service project selected by a Salesian College Preparatory student must be something that involves more than one event or visit. As a general guideline a minimum of twelve hours of dedication to the project is required. For example, if a student opts to visit an elderly care facility, or get involved in tutoring of younger children, a minimum of six two-hour visits or sessions is required.