Worldwide Immersion

Salesian students, 9th - 12th grade (and their families, depending on the trip), have had several opportunities through the school to travel abroad. They have experienced travel in a number of countries and the USA - New Zealand, Italy, Washington, DC, France, Japan, Canada, New Orleans, the Philippines, Peru, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Belize, and many more!

Below are upcoming travel opportunities. Contact the group leaders for details.

International Travel 2020

Thailand and Vietnam (Grades 9th - 12th and Families): April 9 - 17, 2020
Dr. Coscia -
Dr. Osenga -

Italy - Venice, Rome, Florence (Grades 10th - 11th) Summer, June 10 - 22, 2020
Mr. Fulay -
Dr. Osenga -