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four salesian students sitting in front of the cafe

We were very excited to start the new school year and welcome everyone back on campus, from our newly arriving Class of '26 to our soon graduating Class of '23.  Additionally, we warmly welcomed some new teachers and staff:

  • Daniel McCarthy made the great move from the East Coast to the West (Best!) Coast as he brings his teaching skills to the English Department; 
  • Cassie Re started her teaching career with us in the Science Department; 
  • Jacob Raterman joined us as he concurrently teaches French 3/AP here and French at UC Berkeley;
  • Monique Belle has brought new life into our Dance program; and,
  • Chellsea Rivera joined our Mission Advancement team as the Director of Marketing.

You also saw some familiar faces assuming new roles, responding to meaningful feedback from families, students, and faculty about ways Salesian would like to grow. We are looking forward to the new roles of Mr. Swanson, Dr. Heidenfeldt '94, and Mrs. Nightingale. 

Brian Swanson has assumed the role of Associate Principal focused on Student Life with a more direct role in student discipline matters. Mr. Swanson will directly assist Principal Marylou Flannery in overseeing other aspects of Student Life. He will be working closely with teachers, students, and families on discipline issues, coordinating Schoology, the school calendar, and scheduling all student activities and events.

William (Billy) Heidenfeldt '94 has stepped into the role of Associate Principal focused on Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Heidenfeldt will continue his role as Instructional Coach and become more directly involved in curriculum planning, professional development, teacher evaluations, and review of formative and summative assessments, working with our Principal. He will continue to share his expertise in teaching French with our first- and second-year students.

Mariella Nightingale will assist Brian Swanson as Assistant For Student Discipline to formalize the work that she already does in setting clear and loving expectations for all students regarding self-discipline, dress code, and conduct. In addition to her continued expertise in teaching Spanish, Mrs. Nightingale will work primarily with discipline issues with our girls and help coordinate high school life skills lessons for the freshmen class.

As you walk around our 21 acre campus, be sure to welcome these new folks in our true Salesian way of loving kindness. We cannot wait to see you all! 

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