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Beginning in Fall 2021, Salesian College Preparatory partnered with Challenge Success, a non-profit affiliated with the Stanford University Graduate School of Education, which provides schools and families with proven strategies that promote well being and engagement with learning.

Salesian will be piloting a new bell schedule which the school will fully implement beginning Fall 2022. This new schedule is the result of many members of our school community coming together over the course of the current school year, all centered on improving students' experience of success. The team of students, administrators, teachers, and parents has focused on different parts of the Salesian experience that can expand to meet the needs of our students, and shifting the design of the school week emerged as a top recommendation.

The new bell schedule emphasizes several important beliefs at the heart of student learning at Salesian:

  • A later daily start to more closely align with adolescent sleep and learning patterns;
  • Medium-length to longer-length learning blocks to emphasize project- and performance-based inquiry and learning;
  • Longer passing periods to allow for social interaction and healthy biological needs;
  • Flexible learning times ("Flex Times") which allow for more contact time for student tutoring and support, for club meetings, for teachers' professional learning, and for grade-level specific meetings and workshops.

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