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a speaker from ICANHELP, a non-profit gives a speech to Salesian students in the gym

#ICANHELP, a non-profit corporation that educates on the proper use of social media, empowered Salesian students to deal with conflict, negativity, and harassment online. This assembly was led by co-founder Kim Karr. #ICANHELP instructed students and adults on how to address negativity. “We don’t usually think of it, but just like the way negativity can spread, people can be swayed or encouraged when the majority are doing ‘good’ online. We aim to empower our future generation to take action against all the issues that are arising with technology,” says co-founder Kim Karr. “Through #ICANHELP students are learning that kindness is saving lives and it doesn’t have to be anything big- a simple smile or a nice post-it note on a locker might be all it takes.”

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