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the Salesian girls' tennis team sit in a circle after a match

It is all smiles as the girls dominate the Fall season. Most recently, the Girls Tennis Team took their matchup against Richmond High School. Go Pride! 

Singles 1: Winner - Briana G. Senior SCP (6-2, 7-5)

Singles 2: Winner - Madden N. Sophomore SCP (6-3, 6-2)

Singles 3: Winner - Penelope T. Senior SCP (6-0, 6-1)

Singles 4: Winner - Tyler T. Senior SCP (Default)

Doubles 1: Winner - Sydney G., Kayla P. Seniors SCP (6-1, 7-6, TB: 7-4)

Doubles 2: Winner - Ambika G. (Junior), Hailey C. (Senior) SCP (7-5, 6-0)

Doubles 3: Winner - Herschell L., Kyra O. Seniors SCP (Default)

Exhibition: Leia A. (Freshman), Carmela B. (Freshman), Megan C. (Sophomore), Rachel G. (Freshman), Herschell L. (Senior), Kailey M. (Sophomore), Kyra O. (Senior), Tyler T. (Senior), Sophie W. (Freshman)

This week, the girls matchup against De Anza at De Anza at 3:30 PM. They take on Vallejo High School on Thursday at home. Come out and support our girls team. #GOPRIDE!

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