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62nd Annual Academic Awards

On Monday, we celebrated the 62nd Annual Academic Awards in our school gymnasium. Awards were given to individuals who have steadfastly excelled this academic year. All first-place winners received a medal in addition to a certificate and medals may be worn by seniors at their graduation ceremony. Salesian is fully committed to not only position our students for college admission, but to prepare them for the competitive university environment that awaits them. The entire Salesian school community congratulates every young person recognized for their outstanding academic accomplishments, especially in light of an extremely difficult and unprecedented year. A special congratulations to each parent or grandparent or aunt or uncle, since you are an integral component of the academic success of each student. Your loving care, guidance, and nurturing support of these students is directly linked to their accomplishments. We believe you are the primary educators of your children, and Salesian is truly honored to work with you as we accompany every young person along the academic pathway of high school.

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