2018-2019 Daily Bell Schedule

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2018-2019 Daily Bell Schedule

Aeries Grading System

Aeries allows parents access to student information, including attendance, grades, gradebook assignments, test scores, assessment standards, and much more. It is also where parents can view their completed Family Service Program requirements.

Click here to access the Aeries log-in page.

Click here for instructional video.

Family Service Program (FSP)

Note: To sign-up/register/volunteer, you MUST click on the below "groups" near the bottom of the page - DO NOT REGISTER DIRECTLY ON SIGNUP.COM.

Family Service Program (FSP) 2018 – 2019

Enrollment in FSP is now CLOSED. Contact if you have any questions.

Salesian Families - Thank you for supporting Salesian events by volunteering your time. Registration to volunteer at events is now closed.

Salesian College Preparatory has established a Family Service Program (FSP) as an avenue for families to be involved with school events by volunteering, financial support, and community building. Without family support, many of the school’s events would not happen. Each family is expected to offer volunteer service throughout the school year.

FSP requirements for each family (not per student) are the following three steps:

1) Step 1 or "FSP S1": Work at one LARGE event all day or evening (i.e., Project Santa, CYO Track Meet Crew, Two Football Player Dinners, Service Day Driver, Golf Tournament and Dinner, All Day Sporting Event, Class Events, Open House, etc.)

2) Step 2 or "FSP S2": Work at least one other event or activity (i.e., Mothers Day Brunch Crew, Dances, Drama Production, Award Ceremony, Crab Feed, Sporting Event)

3) Step 3: Attend ONE grade level evening meeting per year. (You do not register for these meetings on-line. You sign in/out at the meeting to receive credit.)

9th Grade: Teen Realities: Understanding Kids in a Changing World: October 2, 6pm

10th Grade: Adolescents and Drug/Alcohol Use: November 6, 7pm

11th Grade: College Counseling: September 27, 7pm

12th Grade: Senior Parent Meeting regarding Graduation activities: Feb. 5, 7pm

FSP service opportunities include working at activities such as:

  • Athletic Events: Booster Club – Fall, Winter and Spring sporting events, parking attendant, gate and concession selling and BBQ grilling (Snack Shack), CYO track meets, football-player dinners, etc.
  • School Events: Dances; class retreats and family dinners; Homecoming events; drama productions; Project Santa; band concerts; work at the Crab Feed; drivers for Service Day; work at the Golf Tournament and dinner; work at the Mother’s Day Mass and Brunch; Senior reception and events, etc.

Families are required to register to volunteer for FSP S1 AND FSP S2 events on-line for the Family Service Program by the 1st day of school in August. All financial assistance from Salesian (including scholarships) will be put on hold until FSP registration is completed. Families who register (sign-up) for an event but fail to work at that event, will be immediately re-assigned. You will receive an invoice if you fail to work any FSP events. There is an “Opt Out Fee” option for families to decline to participate in FSP and agree to pay $500 instead of volunteering.

Please note: It is solely the parent/guardian responsibility to actively pursue (FSP) volunteer opportunities at Salesian.

How to sign-up for events:

REGISTER USING YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME AND THE FIRST AND LAST NAME OF YOUR ELDEST CHILD AT SALESIAN. We use to organize volunteer sign-ups for events. (Please add AND to your eMail address book as an acceptable contact - not SPAM). will automatically send eMail reminders to you about your upcoming events so make sure your primary eMail address is correct and on file with the school's main office when registering at You will also need to include your first AND last name, your main contact phone number, and the first AND last name of your eldest student attending Salesian.

Click on the below groups
and SIGN-UP for the events* you will work at.

You must register (and work) AT LEAST ONE FSP s1 & ONE FSP s2 events:

54th Annual Crab and Pasta Feed

Ceremonies: Award and Induction

Dances and Mixers

Dinners and/or Refreshment Tables


Parking Lot Attendants

Retreats and Service Projects

Senior Class Events (some hosted by the Junior Class Families)

Special Opportunities


Visual & Performing Arts

Opting Out of FSP - Pay $500

: Contact the Family Service Program Coordinators

Thank you for your support and all that you do for Salesian.

* There are a few "FSP - Special" opportunities which allow families to complete their FSP requirements by working one event, such as being an overnight chaperone or hosting an international student. If you register for one of these "special" events, read the details carefully as often you will need prior approval to register for these events. (If approved, you will not need to register for S1 or S2, only the FSP-Special opportunity.)

Parent Association

The Parent Association (PA) assists the administration, faculty, staff and students in fulfilling the vision and philosophy of Salesian College Preparatory. Among its goals are the improvement of communication and dialogue. The PA promotes a values-based education in a safe and nurturing environment, and organizes various fundraising events. It seeks to promote community outreach activities that represent Salesian spirit and ideals.

The PA meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Salesian cafeteria, September through May (no December meeting). At the April PA meeting, new PA Executive Officers ("the Board") are voted on for the upcoming school year. Parents/Guardians who want to run for any of the Board positions (PA President, Vice President, or Secretary/Treasurer) are encouraged to do so and to make their intentions known to the Principal by the PA's March meeting.

Click HERE for the PA Bylaws

Click HERE for the PA Nomination Form

To contact the Parent Association, leave a message at or (510) 234-4433 ext. 1901.

2018-2019 Parent Association

Executive Board:
President: David Fontanilla
Vice-President: Gabriel Valenzuela
Secretary / Treasurer: Flory Del Rosario
FSP Coordinators:
Booster Co-Chairs: Paula Sanchez, Jodie Bryant, Diane Kenyon

Class Representatives:
Senior: Maria "Marilou" Molina-Lehman
Junior: Brenda Balagot, Lalaine De Leon Latimer
Sophomore: Audra Holland, Susan Manrique-Whitmarsh
Freshmen: TBD

Crab Feed:
Co-Chairs: Toni Reeder, Beth Reitdorf, Alicia Trevino
Raffle Prize Coordinators: Adrienne Pearse, Bob VanBibber
Vacation Raffle Prize Coordinator: Ricky Delos Reyes
Appetizer Coordinators: Martin Navarette, Norma Navarette

Golf Tournament:
Chair: Henry Moe


Uniforms, Appearance Dress Code

Dress Code Guidelines

Students are expected to be in approved Salesian Dress Code Monday through Thursday while on campus. Relaxed dress code is allowed on Fridays (also known as Pride Fridays). For information on dress code policy and Pride Fridays guidelines, click on this link: Appearance Dress Code Policy

Purchasing School Uniforms
(Click HERE for Lands' End How to Order Guide)

NOT SURE WHAT SIZE UNIFORM YOUR CHILD NEEDS? Stop by the LANDS’ END SHOP AT SEARS below and try on shirts and pants to determine the perfect fit for your child’s school uniform.


Lands' End Preferred School Number: 900172578

• A full size run of polos and pants for boys and girls is available for try-on for a limited time at the local Lands’ End Shop at Sears listed below.

• Follow the in-store signs to locate the self-service display of uniform items. Use the fit guides and tape measures to determine what Lands’ End size your child wears for all of his or her uniform needs.

• Use the 5 easy step guide provided to place your order online via the in-store kiosk, or from the convenience of your home - spend over $50 and receive FREE SHIPPING.

• Returns or exchanges accepted in-store to save on shipping. (Some exclusions may apply.)

M-Th 10am-9pm; F-Sat 9am-9pm; Sun 10am-7pm
(Hours of operation may vary)
(Click HERE for Size Run Flier)

School uniforms must be purchased through our uniform provider, Lands' End. Click HERE to be redirected to Lands' End uniform site.

Lands' End Uniform Fit Guide: Click HERE for details

P.E. uniforms and locks for lockers can only be purchased from our P.E. teacher during the first week of school.

Bring Your Own iPad (BYOi) Policy

Bring Your Own iPad (BYOi) Policy 2018-2019

All students at Salesian College Preparatory are required to have an iPad for the 2018-2019 school year as we continue the BYOi program. Students have many options available to purchase an iPad for daily school use:

Students may purchase their own new iPad from Apple directly or another vendor of their choice. We recommend that the iPad used for school be at least an iPad 4 with a 64GB memory. Students are encouraged to evaluate iPad Minis (minimum 64GB) as well as iPad Air II.

There are several vendor options available for purchase of an iPad in addition to Apple such as Best Buy, eBay or QVC (offers lay-away), as well as other online outlets. As with every major purchase, always consider the source in terms of product reliability, price and customer service. If a deal looks too good to be true, it might just be!

Students are strongly encouraged to purchase a protective case for their iPad, ensuring that corners and all sides are covered properly. We suggest styles similar to the Griffin GB35108 Survivor Extreme-duty Military case for the new iPad (4th Generation).Students are responsible for purchasing apps for academic classes from the Apple App Store.

Salesian College Preparatory is NOT responsible for damaged, lost or stolen iPads. We strongly recommend that families buy insurance (or Apple Care) for the iPad if it is new since there is typically about a 20% damage rate every school year. (Worth Company Insurance is one option for iPad insurance carrier.)


Daily attendance in each class is required. Students are responsible for any work missed due to their absence. Assignments or lessons missed must be made up in order to obtain course credit.

Students absent for five UNEXCUSED days, or for fifteen days for any reason, are ordinarily ineligible for semester credit.

Any student participating in an extra-curricular event (athletic games, drama plays, clubs, etc.) must be in school for one-half of all classes in order to participate in that event that day. Non-attendance on a Friday forfeits participation in weekend school-related activities.

Students with perfect attendance are recognized at the end of the school year. Perfect attendance means students are never late or absent from a class (except for a school activity).

Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be in their assigned seat in the their first period classroom when the bell to start the day rings. Any student who does not meet this expectation is considered tardy. Students tardy to school or to any class during the day must obtain an admit slip from the attendance office.

  • Notes from parents/guardians regarding tardiness on any given day will clear the tardy for that quarter, however the student will be required to serve detention on that day.
  • For the 2nd – 5th tardies per quarter, after school detention for each tardy will be assigned (2:55 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.).
    • Failure to attend a given detention without being excused by the Dean of Students will be viewed as defiance, which will result in further disciplinary action up to and including and in-school suspension.
  • If a student is tardy more than five times in a quarter, a meeting between the student’s parents/guardians and the Dean of Students will be held to figure out how to get the student to school on time.
  • The Registrar is the designated person running day to day detentions. The Registrar will report to the Dean of Students all students who fail to attend a detention. The Dean oversees the day-to-day consequences for tardiness and any disciplinary actions.

Student-Athlete Forms and Resources

All student athletes must have a physical examination performed within twelve (12) months prior to participation in any sport at Salesian College Preparatory. This physical examination must be documented on a Salesian health form available in the Salesian main office, or available by clicking the link below, and then submitted to the Attendance Clerk in the main office.

The best time to obtain a physical examination is during the summer months so that the student-athlete is allowed to participate in sports beginning in the fall of the upcoming school year.

For questions about obtaining a pre-participation physical examination, please contact Athletics Director Chad Nightingale at (510) 234-3344 ext. 1015 or

Note: All required forms are available under the "Student" tab:

  • Sports Participation Release Form
  • Coach Ejection Policy Notification Form
  • Athlete Ejection Policy Notification Form
  • Health Form

Transportation Program

To meet the needs of our commuting and working families, Salesian College Preparatory offers round-trip transportation to students from the VALLEJO-HERCULES-PINOLE areas. The school-subsidized round-trip service is offered at an affordable rate to our current and incoming students. The service includes van transportation before and after school and must be purchased for the entire school year.

Please click here to get more information and sign up for the transportation program.

In order to receive additional information about the Transportation Program, please see the flyer on the right or contact Karen Sorel at

Summer Reading and Textbook Lists

Please see the links for all Reading Assignments and Textbook Lists under the Student section. 


The Finance Department works with the President and the Board of Directors in managing the long-term financial stability of the School. Our staff is committed to supporting the achievement of the School's goals and is fully aligned with its strategic and academic priorities.

Contact the Finance Department

Finance Director - Rick Hartnell
Phone Number - (510) 234-4433, ext. 1102

Accounts Receivable - Eileen Howard
Phone number - (510) 234-4433, ext. 1204

Accounts Payable - Trish Bauer
Phone Number - (510) 234-4433 ext. 1014

The Finance Department is open from 7:30AM to 4PM Mondays through Friday. Its office is located in the modular unit behind the Salesian community residence.

iPads: For Freshmen and New Transfer Students

Please see the link for "iPads: For Freshmen and Transfer Students" under the Student section.

Emergency Preparedness

Health Form 2018-2019

Click HERE for the Health Form 2018-2019.