Tuition Grants

We use FACTS to determine tuition assistance eligibility. Families may use the FACTS application to apply for both Salesian College Preparatory tuition grants and Family Aid Catholic Education (FACE) grants, awarded by the Diocese of Oakland. Only one application and one fee are required per family.

How to Apply for FACTS:

Click on the following link to begin the online FACTS Application (

Families must submit the FACTS application no later than Thursday, February 13, 2020 to be considered for tuition grants for the 2020-2021 school year.

We cannot process tuition grant applications until you have submitted all supporting documents and completed the FACTS application.

Tuition Assistance FAQ's

Who is eligible for tuition assistance?

All families are eligible to apply, since many different situations are considered. Decisions for tuition grants and admissions are made separately. However, a completed admissions application must be on file in the Admissions Office in order for your child to be considered for tuition grants.

How does the school determine a family’s eligibility for tuition assistance?

A family’s qualified need is determined by a complex formula that considers a broad range of financial factors. There is no maximum or minimum family income limits that affect eligibility. We look at family income as well as other factors affecting a family’s ability to pay. Grants range in amount depending on families financial circumstances and the school’s available resources.

Who determines the amount of assistance each family receives?

The Salesian Finance Department reviews all applications and determines the amount of assistance to be provided to each family based on available resources and each family’s financial need.

What other types of assistance is available?

FACTS forwards every tuition assistance application to Family Assistance for Catholic Education (FACE). FACE is a program funded and administered by the Diocese of Oakland. The awards are determined by FACE and communicated to Salesian. When a Salesian family is given their tuition grant award amount the FACE grant is included in that amount.

How do I apply for FACE?

The FACTS application is used from both FACE and Salesian. FACTS will forward your application information to FACE. There is no need to apply separately. The FACTS application will be available online in early December.

If I applied for and received assistance last year, do I have to apply again this year?

Yes. Each family must apply every year in order to receive tuition grants. Returning families who have significantly different economic circumstances this year may receive more or less assistance than they received last year.

What if my taxes are not completed by the application deadline?

Please provide your last filed federal tax return and 2019 W-2 Forms.

If you filed a Schedule C, E or F on the last filed tax return then you must provide gross and net business estimates in Section K. If you filed a Schedule C, E or F in the previous year's tax year, and do not plan on filing in the requested tax year, please state that in Section L.

Tuition Grants Coordinator
Eileen Howard
(510) 234-4433 ext. 1204