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Grants for Private School Tuition

We use FACTS to gather information regarding tuition assistance eligibility. FACTS does not make grant determination, that is done by the school. Your application can be used to apply for both Salesian College Preparatory tuition grants and FACE (Family Aid for Catholic Education scholarships), awarded by the Diocese of Oakland. Please be sure to check the box to have your application also sent to FACE.

Applying for FACTS

The FACTS Application ( for the 2024-2025 School Year is open!

Families must submit the FACTS application no later than Friday, February 9, 2024 to be considered for tuition grants for the 2024-2025 school year.

We cannot process tuition grant applications until you have submitted all supporting documents and completed the FACTS application.

Tuition Assistance FAQ's

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Marc Colelli

Marc Colelli

Titles: Chief Financial Officer
Eileen Howard

Eileen Howard

Titles: Human Resources Manager, Tuition Grants Coordinator, Accounts Receivable

Scholarships Available

Don Bosco 

February 2, 2024


FACTS Tuition Assistance Grant:

February 9, 2024


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