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Affording Salesian

Salesian College Preparatory provides an enriching and rigorous academic program, a strong  service-learning program and robust extra curriculars including athletics teams and programs.  We also offer comprehensive college guidance and personal counseling from a college guidance counselor available to each of our students to assist them in their daily lives and guide them to college.  Additionally, we offer a mentoring program (Beyond Salesian) to assist our students in the first years of college. 

It is our goal to keep our tuition as low as possible while maintaining our high educational standards. We realize that some families cannot afford the full tuition and fees. We are proud partners in education with FACE (Family Aid to Catholic Education), Bay Scholars, the Guardsman and certain private sponsors. Those partners attempt to provide financial aid to students whose family situation demonstrates the need and who apply for their awards. In addition, through alumni and friends of Salesian and from current families that support our Annual Fund, we are also able to provide additional financial aid for those demonstrating need.

We also celebrate those students who have performed above and beyond academically and in certain areas (Leadership and Service, and Visual and Performing Arts) with a merit grant.  See below for details. 

Tuition, Fees & Parent Annual Fund Contribution

Tuition (2023-2024) $20,400
Registration Fee $750
Annual Fund *(suggested donation) $500
Total $21,650

*Parents are asked to pledge at least $500 per child per year to the Salesian Annual Fund. This tax-deductible gift makes possible many enriching aspects of a Salesian education like our service-learning program, lab equipment, college counseling program and much more. We are blessed by your willingness to support Salesian College Preparatory.

Make a Contribution to the Annual Fund

Tuition Assistance Grants

We use FACTS to gather information regarding tuition assistance eligibility. FACTS does not make grant determination, that is done by the school. Your application can be used to apply for both Salesian College Preparatory tuition grants and FACE (Family Aid for Catholic Education scholarships), awarded by the Diocese of Oakland. Please be sure to check the box to have your application also sent to FACE.

Tuition Assistance FAQ's

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Marc Colelli

Marc Colelli

Titles: Chief Financial Officer
Eileen Howard

Eileen Howard

Titles: Human Resources Manager, Tuition Grants Coordinator, Accounts Receivable

Scholarship Deadlines

Don Bosco

February 4, 2025

FACTS Tuition Assistance Grant:

February 14, 2025


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