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9th Grade Summer Academics

Summer Bridge Program (SBP) – Registration is by Invitation Only

The Summer Bridge Program (SBP) is designed to ease the transition to high school by providing incoming ninth-graders with English, Language Arts, and math academic skills. In order to ensure and maintain admission to Salesian College Preparatory, students must satisfy the following conditions during the summer program:

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress with a B or above
  • Maintain an excellent attendance report
  • Maintain exemplary behavior and conduct

Register HERE by June 6, 2023


Academic Success Program (ASP) – Registration is by Invitation Only

Ninth-grade students in the Academic Success Program (ASP) will begin their preparation for high school by registering and attending ASP in the summer prior to ninth grade. The required summer program will consist of reading, student skills, and math preparation for high school. ASP will continue in the Fall in addition to the regular ninth-grade English class. Students will not take a World Language until their sophomore year, giving them ample opportunity to complete their college language requirement.

Students in ASP will expand their confidence and motivation to handle the rigors of a high school college prep curriculum and achieve academic success.

Register HERE by June 6, 2023

Questions about the Academic Success and Summer Bridge Programs may be directed to Rebecca Mangle, Admissions Coordinator, in the Admissions Department.