Why Salesian?

Voted Best Faith-Based High School and Best Independent High School by Parents’ Press Magazine, Salesian offers its diverse student body a unique educational experience rooted in social justice and the celebration of excellence in all things. From a state of the art STEM curriculum, an active campus ministry presence, championship athletics, and a robust Service Learning program, Salesian students are poised for greatness. 

A Rigorous College Prep Education

With a full complement of challenging courses and enrichment activities, the curriculum at Salesian College Preparatory positions students to be successful at top colleges and universities. It includes a broad number or AP, Honors and elective classes. The coursework moves students toward becoming educated, thinking, and responsible people in the modern world.

Our accomplished faculty members - two-thirds of whom have advanced degrees - strive to foster intellectual curiosity and encourage students to develop creative skills and leadership qualities. It's no surprise that 99 percent of our students enroll in colleges and universities across the United States year over year!

Global Citizenship

Salesian students experience learning that extends beyond the classroom. Throughout their high school experience students engage with different cultures, absorb new perspectives and gain skills that prepare them to make a positive impact as global citizens. By being part of a diverse student body, students learn to respect cultures, languages, religions and traditions other than their own.

Salesian offers on-campus Spanish and French language courses; students can also learn other languages through the school's partnership with Contra Costa College. In addition, this year there are three international trips in which students can participate. International enrichment opportunities provide a window into the world students will enter once they leave high school, including tackling the challenges of college and the modern workplace.

Student Life

Salesian students are talented, “roll up your sleeves”, get-involved sort of people. They join clubs (37 and counting), and when desired they form new groups. They are newspaper editors, class officers, artists and elite athletes. They step out of their comfort zone and take part in all that the school has to offer.

From the debate team to Habitat for Humanity, from drama to the Student Leadership and Ministry Club, from salsa to sports - Salesian are leaders on campus and in the community, and every day they rise to the challenge to fulfill their potential.

Service and Citizenship

At Salesian we believe that we are a community with a mission to bring love, compassion, justice and truth to one another and to our world. A Salesian education calls us to become good faith-filled people and honest and upright citizens. We’re called to do this together, as a school community.

All students complete three service requirements each year, including:

  1. Participation in a campus-wide service day
  2. Engagement in a service donation project (including our Thanksgiving food drive and Project Santa)
  3. Completion of a unique, self-selected community service project on- or off-campus

And, on one day each spring, the entire Salesian student body organizes into Faith Family teams and sets out to serve the community. Recent event locations include the Bay Area Rescue Mission, Pinole Valley Watershed, Animal Refugee Response, and many more.


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“When I first received news of Salesian’s remote schooling, I was a little nervous but once we actually started the process I felt comfortable knowing that my friends and classmates were alright. I think my school is very lucky to have remote schooling because many other schools don’t have this opportunity. Classes run smoothly, and the teachers share the same enthusiasm in their lessons as they did in the classroom. The counselors are available for the students, knowing that this is a stressful time for many people. Remote schooling at Salesian has been convenient for us students, and we are glad we can resume our education through this pandemic.”

Penelope Toland, Class of 2023

“As a teacher moving from classroom to remote instruction in a short period of time, I appreciated the administration’s vision and planning done over the course of our remote school. We teachers knew that maintaining meaningful contact with our students and providing quality, interesting, and engaging lessons still remained paramount. We found ways to serve our mission of offering the fundamental hallmarks of a Salesian education: church, home, school, and even playground. And the students showed up and brought their light and interest! In our world language classes, for instance, students still prayed, described their homes and families, completed guided classwork, and celebrated different cultures, all in the target language. Since we were not able to go out into the world, we teachers found ways to bring the world to our students, reminding us all of the global community to which we belong and for which we must care.”

William Heidenfeldt, Teacher of French and Instructional Coach

“My favorite part of freshman year was meeting all of my friends and being able to have the opportunity to create my very own project. I’ve loved being incorporated in the community and becoming a leader! My friends have helped me to build confidence to talk in front of the school. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to come to Salesian!”

Briana, Class of 2023

“The most rewarding part of junior year was finishing strong in the end. Seeing my grades in the first semester and being motivated to do even better than I had done before was a great motivator. Junior year allowed me to grow tremendously as a learner and a person.” 

Charles, Class of 2021

“Austin and Carlyn always tell us how they appreciated the diversity at Salesian and the organic way with which inclusivity was fostered. We don’t doubt that this “upbringing” has helped them maneuver and assimilate into the world beyond high school. Please give our best to the incredible staff at Salesian!”

-Erica Wisherop, parent of Austin ‘16 & Carlyn ‘17

“Salesian has given me an education and experiences that translate into the real world and into my future. I feel prepared for college and ready to take on all of its challenges.”

Jacob, Class of 2020, Santa Clara University 

“Salesian, to mean, means living how Don Bosco did, living with love. Salesian taught me to continue to live the Salesian spirit, bringing that love everywhere I go. I learned through SLAM and CMT how to be a true friend for people, by sacrificing my needs for theirs, being loyal to the end, and cherishing that priceless relationship. I will always remember that no matter what happens, the people I met at Salesian, they were the best part of me because they brought the good out of me.”

Isabel, Class of 2020, Franciscan University of Steubenville

“I am so grateful for my time at Salesian. As a student athlete, I was challenged academically and athletically and I am ready for what the world has to offer.”

-Shane, Class of 2020, California State University, Los Angeles

“I am most grateful for the wonderful teachers at Salesian that cared for my academic success and encouraged me to become a better person in and outside of the classroom.” 

Neoud, Class of 2020, University of Southern California

“Without Salesian, I wouldn't be where I am now in terms of faith, performance, and leadership. I was able to build up my capabilities on the things that I am most passionate about.

Sophia, Class of 2020, University of California, San Diego

“Coming to Salesian was like finding my second family. I was loved, supported, and challenged academically in a caring and diverse environment. I can’t wait to return one day and give back to the community that raised and inspired me to be my best self.”

Raphael, Class of 2018, Oswego State, NY

Salesian was incredibly inspiring and introduced me to the world of community service. Since graduating, I have been able to immerse myself in a wide variety of service opportunities in the local and international communities. Without Salesian, I could not have developed this passion that I will continue throughout my life!

Zarah, Class of 2017, UC Berkeley 

“Throughout high school, my biggest complaint was always my school workload. But, alas, it was that workload that has prepared me the best for Stanford. High school was four years of practicing study habits and study methods, which I never would have perfected without Salesian pushing me.” 

Marc, Class of 2019, Stanford University