Summer School 

Salesian College Preparatory offers several summer school courses for high school students. Salesian summer courses foster critical thinking, exploration of course content, and intellectual curiosity. We support student academic success and a love for learning. Through a caring and supportive environment, students will be able to prepare for the 2020 - 2021 school year.

Students may use the same textbook(s) and/or iBooks from the school year in the summer. Students should bring their iPads or laptops to the first day of summer school. Students may also be asked to bring additional novels to the English class, subject to teacher discretion.

Courses (see descriptions below)

English and History classes begin on June 22 and run through July 24.  English ( 1 st session, 8:15-10:30 am) , and History ( World History/ US History, 2 nd session, 10:45-1:00 pm) will meet on campus.  Students will enter through the north side of the building ( closest to the cafe), and will be directed to their classroom. There are no classes on July 3rd in honor of Fourth of July Weekend, however homework may be assigned over the holiday weekend. Students may not miss more than two days of summer school or they may jeopardize receiving credit for the course. AP Bio and Academic Success will meet on campus starting on June 29.  AP Bio will meet from 8:15-10:30 am daily through July 31. Academic Success will meet daily from 10:45-1:00 pm through July 24th.  

Appendix B-On Campus Summer School

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the following protocols will be implemented during our Salesian summer school this year:

Student-Parent/Guardian Actions Required Prior to Coming to School

  1. A parent or guardian of each student must have signed and returned to the Principal via email ( with the subject line:  Covid-19: Waiver (Student Name)(Course) unless the form is executed via Docusign which automatically archives the form.  The form must be executed and delivered prior to the student being allowed on campus. 
  2. Students MUST bring their own mask and their own water supply in a bottle (or two or three) marked with his or her name on the bottle(s), their own hand sanitizer, their own writing tools, paper, device, etc. Nothing is to be shared. If they bring a backpack it must have their name or number on it. Students WILL NOT be allowed to share water or any equipment whatsoever with one another. A student’s water supply MUST be kept separate from the water supplies of any other student or teacher. 

  3. Student- Actions Required During Their Time on Campus 

    1. Students MUST ONLY  ENTER THE SCHOOL BUILDING ON THE NORTH SIDE.  Students MUST CONSENT TO BEING screened throughout their attendance at Summer School.    Each student’s temperature MAY be taken with a no contact thermometer by a teacher or member of the staff or administration wearing a mask prior to entering the facilities or at any time.   The screening MAY include questions about fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, and possible contact with someone with COVID-19.  Any student in the judgment of any teacher, staff, or administrator, with positive symptoms as set forth in the Rules WILL NOT be allowed onto the field.  If a student feels sick in any way on a designated conditioning day, he or she MUST stay home and NOT participate in conditioning until such symptoms are no longer present for the period of time as set forth in the Rules.

    2. Students, Teachers, Staff, Administrators are required to properly wear face masks at all times while on school grounds except for staff or administrators in their own office with no visitors.  All face masks must  conform to any Salesian rule for dress code that is developed from time to time.

    3. Social  distancing (6 feet apart from any other person) will be practiced by students and teachers in each classroom/teaching space that is used for summer school.

    4. Students will be assigned to a desk/ work space that ONLY they will use each day for summer school ( spaced 6 ft. apart from any other desk) and may not switch desks. 

    5. Students will NOT be allowed to share any materials including, without limitation food, books, materials, pens/pencils, iPads, telephones, etc. at any time while on our campus including, without limitation, during class.

    6. Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom for student use by students are encouraged to maintain their one personal supply as well.

    7. Students must thoroughly (20 seconds) and appropriately (as indicated in our bathrooms) wash their hands during each break.

    8. Before leaving a classroom daily, students will be asked by teachers to use the school provided wipes to wipe down their desk/ work space with disinfectant cloths and dispose of them in the trash cans.


  4. Cleaning Protocols. 

    1. Desks/work spaces will be wiped down daily at the end of each class (disinfecting wipes will be stored in each classroom for daily use and may not be removed from that classroom).

    2. The school will provide the wipes.  No classroom will be used more than once a day for one/same group of students.

    3. All classrooms used for summer school will be cleaned in the evening and ready for the next day.

  5.  Actions During Class by Teachers. 

    1. Teachers will observe students for health risks, but the primary responsibility is for parents to screen their own student prior to allowing them out of the home.

    2. Teachers should send any student exhibiting any symptoms of illness ( cough, shortness of breath, fever etc) immediately to the front office.

    3. Teachers will be encouraged to use as many digital assignments as possible to minimize disease transmission possibilities through hard copies of student work.  Teachers should also provide feedback for students via a digital platform rather than hand written.

    4. Classroom supplies/materials must be organized and stored for individual student use only during summer school (i.e. no baskets of paper, pens, markers for common use, but rather individual cups of pens, markers etc. per desk/ work station).

    5. Teachers shall make every reasonable effort to open windows to maximize air flow into the classroom/teaching area.

    6. Teachers shall before leaving a classroom daily, ask students to wipe down their desk/ work space with disinfectant cloths and dispose of them in the trash cans.

    7. Teachers shall encourage students to thoroughly wash their hands during each scheduled break.

Dress Code
The Dress Code for Summer School will be a relaxed dress code that includes sweats or jeans without any rips or tears in the clothing, and no flip-flops. 

One Class $400
Two Classes $700
Financial aid for Summer School is NOT available.

No refunds for payments.

Questions regarding Summer School should be directed to Mrs. Marylou Flannery, Summer School Principal: or (510) 234-4433 extension 1108.

Course Descriptions and Options