STEM: PLTW Biomedical Science Pathway

What is Project Lead the Way?

A nonprofit group dedicated to creating fun and educational science programs to promote science and engineering in the schools. PLTW is the nation's leading science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) solution in over 8,000 schools across the U.S.. Using hands-on activities and a problem based curriculum, PLTW allows students to apply what they know, identify problems, find unique solutions and lead their own learning. The PLTW classes are UC approved and are elective science classes that can be taken concurrently with Biology and Chemistry classes.


"Students who participate in 'Project Lead the Way Pathways' outperform their peers in school and gain transportable skills, such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication and ethical reasoning."

The Biggest Lab on Campus

Meet Environmental Studies Professor, Dr. Elizabeth Coscia and Tatiana Hernandez '21 and learn about the benefits of working with the city of San Pablo!

Environmental Science
11/12 Grades with Dr. Elizabeth Coscia

Stretching 2,200 feet between Church Lane and Vale Road, lies The Wildcat Creek Restoration and Greenway Trail Project. The project is state and locally funded with many benefits, including restoring refuge areas for fish, a modified floodplain to accommodate larger flow volumes, a widened creek corridor and the re-planting of native plants on the restored bank. In addition to the in-stream benefits of creating a more natural creek habitat, this project will also provide Salesian College Preparatory students with the unique opportunity to:

  • Access water quality
  • Provide counts of local wildlife
  • Measure growth of local trees and plants
  • Become stewards of the creek through peer education
Wildcat Creek restoration conceptual design plan created in 2018

Wildcat Creek Restoration & Greenway Trail Conceptual Design Plans and Sections

Meet our Project Lead the Way Faculty

Elizabeth Liz Darr

Athletic Trainer, Anatomy and Sports Medicine Teacher

Chad Nightingale

Science: Department Chair, Director of Athletics, AP Biology Teacher, Coach of Varsity Football and Track and Field