Graduation Requirements | Richmond CA Private Prep School | Salesian

In order to receive a diploma from Salesian College Preparatory, students must successfully complete 250 semester credits. This includes coursework from the following:
8 semesters (40 credits) of Religious Studies
8 semesters (40 credits) of English
6 semesters (30 credits) of Mathematics (CSU and UC recommends 8 semesters of Mathematics)
6 semesters (30 credits) of Social Sciences (World History, U.S. History, Government, and Economics)
4 semesters (20 credits) of World Languages (CSU and UC recommends 6 semesters)
6 semesters (30 credits) of Science (UC recommends 6 semesters of Lab Science)
2 semesters of Physical Education (10 credits)
2 semesters of Visual/Performing Arts (10 credits)
8 semesters of Electives (40 credits)


Student Service Requirement

Each year, every Salesian student must complete the following:
  1. Participation in Service Day and completion of the self assessment/reflection form
  2. A service donation event (i.e., Project Santa)
  3. A service project of the students own choice on or off campus. This includes completion of a self assessment/reflection form and a project supervisor’s confirmation of the project completion.
  4. A class project focused on service (each level).