Meet Our Faculty

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Christina McAfee

Class of 2000
Titles: Mathematics Department Chair

Bill Mellis

Titles: Physical Education: Department Chair, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Leonard Neal

Titles: Mathematics

Chad Nightingale

Titles: Science: Department Chair, Director of Athletics, Coach of Varsity Football and Track and Field

Mariella Nightingale

Titles: Foreign Language: Department Chair

Cecilia O'Brien

Titles: Foreign Language

Janet O'Hair

Titles: Visual and Performing Arts

Dr. Katherine Osenga

Titles: Religion, Visual and Performing Arts

Corey Ott

Class of 1997
Titles: Science, Student Leadership and Ministry Leader

Joseph Reveles

Titles: Religion

Gabriel Rhoades

Titles: Religion, Social Science

Justin Rollolazo

Titles: English

Oscar Ruiz

Titles: Foreign Language, Yearbook Coordinator, IT Team

Gina Ryan

Titles: English, Academic Success Program Coordinator

Jill Seman

Titles: Computer Science

Debra Shushan

Titles: Visual and Performing Arts: Department Chair
< 1 2 3 > showing 17 - 32 of 35 constituents