Meet Our Faculty

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Dr. Lida Antonian

Titles: Science

Maria Ciccone

Titles: English

Dr. Elizabeth Coscia

Titles: Science

Elizabeth" Liz" Darr

Titles: Athletic Trainer, Science, Math

Adrian Mison Fulay

Titles: Religion: Department Chair, Coordinator of Youth Ministry

Andrew Harris

Titles: English

Dr. William "Billy" Heidenfeldt

Titles: World Languages - French, ESL

Steve Hogan

Titles: Visual and Performing Arts

Matt Janisch

Titles: Dean of Students, Social Science

David Jobe

Class of 2001
Titles: Social Science: Department Chair

Nichole Lorensen

Titles: Mathematics, Title I

Chris Malixi

Titles: Social Science

Litzia Martin

Class of 2011
Titles: Mathematics

Roberto Martinez

Titles: Religion

Christina McAfee

Class of 2000
Titles: Mathematics Department Chair

Bill Mellis

Titles: Physical Education: Department Chair, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
1 2 > showing 1 - 16 of 31 constituents