Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts Department believes that the arts are an integral part of everyone’s education.

The Department intends to foster the development of each student's artistic, musical or dramatic capabilities in order to allow the student to express his or her creative side. The Department also believes that every person has the ability to expand his or her own talents when given the time and proper encouragement.

Department Goals

  • Promote individual voice, beyond class assignments, in both the visual and performing arts.
  • Foster quality in art, including original thinking, sound craftsmanship, experimentation and risk-taking.
  • Introduce students to a variety of arts media within the context of history and contemporary art and culture.
  • Provide a safe environment for all by maintaining both an emotional and an environmentally safe place where students feel comfortable expressing themselves.
  • Engage in service learning within the school and the community at large by participating in Art Day, Earth Day, Project Santa, and the Spring Carnival.

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