Social Science

The Social Science Department of Salesian College Preparatory introduces students to the study of human societies past and present, and provides students with courses designed to develop their writing, research, study and critical thinking skills. The Department places importance not only on the learning of concepts, but also on their application to life. We endeavor to produce life-long learners and thinkers.

The Departmental course sequence allows for reinforcement and the building of fundamental and complex concepts and skills from one grade level to another. As students progress, the Department encourages the growth of critical thinking skills as outlined by Bloom’s Taxonomy. The required courses of World History, United States History, Government and Economics are considered to form an interconnected course sequence to begin an understanding of person’s role in the world and his/her civic responsibilities. Elective courses, such as Advanced Placement American History or Honors Government/Economics are offered to further challenge students intellectually. Psychology and History through Film are additional elective courses designed to cultivate student interest in other areas of the social sciences. The course sequence and Social Science curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards.

Department Goals

The following guidelines will be followed (in setting goals and objectives) in all social science classes per the appropriate grade level relative to writing standards:

9th Grade:

  • Work on developing a complete paragraph with supporting details.
  • Use short answer/short essay type questions (respond with two or more paragraphs with supporting detail) as part of the evaluation tools to encourage paragraph writing.
  • Grammar, spelling, and mechanics will be checked for all written assignments.

11th Grade:

  • Concentrate on the five paragraph essay model stressing thesis development, organization and the use of supporting details relative to the thesis. Focus on analysis skills in using supporting details.
  • Reinforce the difference between fact and opinion.
  • Develop skills in writing a summary of a factual article.
  • Concentrate on teaching the correct MLA citation format.
  • Continue to assign research projects to promote critical thinking skills development and include correction of grammar, spelling, and mechanics.

12th Grade

  • Improve persuasive essay writing skills.
  • Encourage the use of supportive details and more in-depth analysis.
  • Continue to assign research projects that include correction of grammar, spelling and mechanics.

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