The science department endeavors to generate in every student, the curiosity to ask the question: Why?

Our classes are designed to provide an environment that is conducive to developing an interest and appreciation for both the living and non-living ecosystems that surround every individual. Students are able to explore all aspects of the scientific world through a variety of courses surveying many topics. In every class, the scientific method guides the pupil in his or her pursuit of the answers to many scientific questions.

Department Goals

  • Develop logical and creative thinking skills based upon the rationale of the scientific method.
  • Encourage an appreciation for the living and non-living world and the scientific principles that govern each.
  • Cultivate the ability to express clearly, in written and oral formats, ideas concerning scientific principles.
  • Establish an understanding of scientific truth as it pertains to honest, accurate data collection, analysis, and synthesis.
  • Support the collaborative work and communication of students to answer scientific questions and achieve scientific goals.
  • Promote respect and awareness for one’s own role in the world that surrounds him or her.

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