Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Department attempts to carry out in an intentional and holistic manner the mission of Salesian College Preparatory. Religious studies intends to educate students to develop into good Christian women and men whose lives and accomplishments will benefit humankind and give glory to God. The Department emphasizes in its four year program the spiritual development of the young person and its effects on the well-being of each student. At the same time, the Religious Studies Department seeks to present the young people with the Christian principles at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church as expressed specifically through the spirit’s gift of the Salesian Charism.

Academic rigor is balanced with a focus on the lived experience of Christ in all that the Religious Studies department attempts to accomplish. The department places special emphasis on the three pillars of Salesian educational philosophy: the capacity to reason with each student, to present religion in a real, coherent and meaningful manner and to manifest relationality in and out of the classroom marked by a deep respect for the dignity of each young person and do so in a kind and loving manner. All academic courses strive to integrate faith and culture in the lived experience of the young.

Department Goals

The overarching goal of the formation of good Christians and honest citizens in keeping with sound Salesian educational praxis dictates what we, at Salesian College Preparatory, take as the four major goals of our department.

  • To make God's word "Home" in our Hearts.
  • To experience God at the "School" of day to day living.
  • To learn how to celebrate "Church" in communion with those around us.
  • To encourage students to give witness to Christ through service, both in and outside of the classroom.

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