Physical Education

The philosophy of the Physical Education Department at Salesian College Preparatory is encompassed within the mainstream of Christian ideals and goals sought in educating the Salesian student, and all aspects of the department are inclusive of the school’s lifelong learning expectations.

Through physical education, an individual has the opportunity to learn how to perform the motor skills that he or she needs in everyday living and recreational activities. The student can develop and maintain sound physiological functions through vigorous physical activity. He or she may increase the awareness of his or her physical self. Through expressive and creative activities, the student may enhance his or her aesthetic appreciation and improve his or her self-esteem.

Furthermore, through individual and group exercise, each student will have the opportunity to develop an acceptance, tolerance and respect of others, a self-discipline based on personal responsibility, hard work and perseverance, and an interest in activities that encourage personal achievement, nurture one’s talents, and establish habits of civic and social participation. These all contribute to the development and encouragement of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, which includes a physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being.

It is with this intention in mind that Salesian College Preparatory fosters the following goals to instill an awareness for the human body and a definite concern to develop physical skills as an aid in educating the whole Christian student.

Department Goals

  • Increase the student’s awareness in the varied use of leisure time through the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness, the development of individual sport skills, and the recognition that self-discipline is required to achieve such goals.
  • Foster good sportsmanship, spirit and cooperation skills through participation in team sports.
  • Develop an ability to relate to others in a sensitive and respectful manner through group exercise and activities.
  • Create an understanding of the relationship between physical exercise and good physical, mental and social health.
  • Improve each aspect of the components of physical fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition.
  • Expose students to a wide variety of exercise activities, which will contribute to a healthy lifestyle now and in the future.
  • Cultivate an understanding of the importance of proper nutrition, hydration and rest to having a healthy life.
  • Establish a physical education curriculum that is in line with the standards of the state of California.

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