The philosophy of the Mathematics Department is to develop an understanding and an appreciation of the subject in every student, focusing on mathematical truths rather than solely reducing the subject to purely mathematical applications. The mathematics curriculum is designed to align directly with the Common Core Standard.

It is important that each educated person develop deductive reasoning skills, practical math skills, analytical skills and an understanding of spatial relationships. Depending on the interests of the individual, a student may be directed toward the practical or theoretical end of mathematics.

Department Goals

  • To help students develop an appreciation for mathematics.
  • To stimulate reasoning skills that will enable students to successfully problem solve logically and mathematically.
  • To provide students with the reasoning behind mathematical concepts in addition to their practical application.
  • To lead students to make use of math skills in other disciplines and vice versa.
  • To ensure students will exercise their powers of thinking, listening, analyzing, understanding and expression in their work and investigations.
  • To encourage and train students to utilize current technology to assist in their mathematical and academic endeavors.
  • To ensure students will be able to perform basic operations in mathematics applicable to situations requiring basic math skills and enabling success on standardized tests.
  • To nurture students in mathematical study, fostering self-esteem and personal achievement.
  • To encourage students to discover mathematical concepts individually and cooperatively.

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