The English curriculum at Salesian College Preparatory is a four-year, literature-based program that adheres to the Common Core Standards by stressing oral and written communication skills, discussion and research. MLA formatting and research guidelines are taught in all courses.

The study of language in its origins, structure and use is essential to the development of the well-rounded individual. Competency in language directly influences a student's ability to succeed in other disciplines. The study of literature offers unique opportunities to explore social and spiritual values in ways that may have long-lasting effects. Because writing is a process closely linked to developmental changes in students, different types of essays and writing styles are emphasized in each course.

In short, we believe that by helping our students become more analytical readers and more articulate communicators, we are preparing them for college, the workforce, and to contribute to society in productive and meaningful ways.

Department Goals

  • To develop students' ability to use language skillfully and to interpret it effectively
  • To prepare students to make the transition to a college curriculum
  • To inspire students to become life-long learners and recreational readers who enjoy and appreciate many kinds of literature
  • To prepare students to become active, contributing members of a diverse society

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