The Team

The Salesian Communications Team is committed to continuing Salesian's longstanding relationship with its community and constituents. Our team works closely with students, families and alumni to share the best stories from our community with our community.  It is our greatest goal to constantly engage everyone in the Salesian community. 


Salesian eNewsletter

The Salesian eNewsletter is a monthly electronic publication for the entire Salesian community filled with details of all important school events; including athletic news, activity and event news and alumni news. 

The Salesian

The Salesian is a biannual print magazine with Salesian's most prominent news stories and important school information.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel is a student-run school e-newspaper with articles based on school events and current topics within the Salesian community. 

The Tabard

The Tabard is Salesian's student literary magazine published in print annually.  The Tabard is a curation of student literary work and visual art including photography, poetry, and more. 

Salesian Community Stories

We are always interested in news and stories that are of potential interest to the Salesian community. If you would like to submit a story idea, please email Zach Boyett.

Here are some helpful items to include in your correspondence:

  • Summary: Include a brief overview of the activity, the people involved, and why you want to share this story (or, put another way, how it is a good example of the Salesian mission in action).
  • Photos, Graphics/Logos, Videos, etc: Include as many complementary, digital files as you can. Please include the names of the people included
  • Contact Information: who can be contacted for more information and what are the e-mail addresses and phone numbers?


What kind of announcements or news stories may I submit?

The Communications Team would love to help you share major life events, accomplishments or events open to the Salesian community.  Some examples may be;

  • Alumni engagement or weddings
  • Alumni baby announcements
  • Alumni passing or funerals
  • Local fundraising or charity events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Internship opportunities for Salesian students
  • Major accomplishments or awards accepted by alumni, Salesian families or students in keeping with the Salesian mission and values

Please contact Mr. Zach Boyett to discuss appropriate stories. 

Who reads the Salesian eNewsletter?

Potentially all alumni, their families, current students, their families and friends of Salesian who opt into receiving the emails.  Currently, over 5,000 people receive the Salesian eNewsletter monthly.  If you do not receive the eNewsletter and would like to, fill out the form above and you will be added to the contact list. 

What kind of information in published in the Salesian eNewsletter?

Any and all relevant information to Salesian College Preparatory.  Through the eNewsletter, the Communications Team tries to highlight accomplishments by our students, faculty and alumni.  Every edition includes unique stories to help you stay connected with the community.  It is also a great way to keep up with Salesian Athletics and events. 

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Social Media and Alumni Relations Coordinator
Zachary Boyett '13
(510) 234-4433, ext. 1410

Communications Coordinator
Nicholas Boyett '12
(510) 234-4433, ext. 7218