Student Leadership and Ministry ("SLAM")

Mission Statement

SLAM is the collective form of student leadership and animation[1] within Salesian College Preparatory. The mission of SLAM members within the school is to create a culture for good, a leaven in serving the community as a whole in vibrant Salesian spirit. In working together, SLAM members strive to encourage spirit and cohesiveness to the whole school community through planning, implementing and evaluation of all activities. In this way the students model the kind of unified approach to our Salesian educational mission.

SLAM membership comprises both the Student Body Team (SLT) members and Campus Ministry Team (CMT) members, in conjunction with Faith Family leaders. 


SLAM members will work towards:

  • Serving their peers in honesty and gentleness, seeking the common good for the whole school community
  • Creating the kind of Salesian environment in the school which makes us a community that respects the differences among us and welcomes the outsider into our home as honored guest
  • Sustaining a team spirit between those involved in SBT activities and those involved in Campus Ministry activities, while at the same time honoring that these activities have different ends
  • Demonstrating responsibility and leadership in the day to day life of the school
  • Seeking fairness and representation when difficulties arise, and voicing the needs and concerns of all students

Membership in SLAM is possible in three ways:

  • By election to the role of SBT student leader
  • By application and interview to the role of CMT student leader
  • By selection/appointment as a Faith Family Leader

SLAM Members

The Salesian Leadership and Ministry Center (SLAM) houses those students who offer their gifts and talents to the whole school community. The SLAM center serves as a meeting room for a Leadership course.

[1] The word ‘animation’ is used here to denote all that goes into the creation and development of the Salesian spirit within the school community. A person who animates literally brings life to the whole enterprise and does this through commitment to use his or her gifts and talents to the maximum for the good of the whole community.

SLAM is Comprised of Several Teams...

Student Body Team (SBT)

The Student Body Team (SBT) is facilitated by a faculty SBT leader. Student representatives are elected by their peers to represent student interests.

The SBT is comprised of class representatives, the Student Body President and Vice President, and committee leaders for a variety of activities. The Student Body President and Vice President are SBT representatives on the Council for the Educating Pastoral Community (CEPC). The SBT animates student life and events.

The SBT is an integral part of Student Leadership and Ministry (SLAM) and is comprised of students who are elected school representatives, carrying out either a student activities function, or a class representative function. They are vital in creating and sustaining the social fabric of all that goes on within the school. They work tirelessly together with Campus Ministers and the CYM to present the needs of the students to the faculty and staff. SLAM dedicates many long hours to the preparation of events such as Homecoming, School Rallies, Blood Drives, Prom, and other dances and activities. SLAM members participate in a two semester leadership course in skills vital and necessary to complete the task of student leadership in a Salesian style. Many of the SLAM members demonstrate incredible commitment and energy in the task of helping us all function and thrive as a community.

How SLAM is Organized 


youth day 2013.png

LA youth day _2013_1.jpg

Each year, SLAM members travel to Los Angeles to participate in Youth Day at the Religious Education Congress. Students participate in rallies, liturgies and leadership workshops.