Disaster Preparedness Plan for Parents

The following information is a synopsis of the Salesian College Preparatory Disaster Preparedness Plan. This document summarizes what parents need to do when the school experiences an emergency. The school’s response to emergencies is not located on this document for the safety of the students.


Four main emergency procedures will be practiced regularly: Fire or General Evacuation, Earthquake, Intruder and Shelter in Place. Emergency drills are under the supervision of the emergency response team (ERT) which consists of the Principal, the President, the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator, the Plant Manager, the Dean of Students, the Physical Education Chair, and the vice principal. If any incident requires general campus evacuation and student release, please see Off Campus Evacuation and Parent/Guardian Information and Student Release located below.

Fire or General Evacuation

The fire alarm signals this emergency. Teachers are responsible for securing their classrooms and accompanying students to an assigned assembly area. Homeroom teachers along with assigned faculty “buddies” take attendance. Attendance will be taken to the Registrar. Once the situation has been assessed and the all clear given by the ERT, all faculty, staff, and students may re-enter the buildings.


During an earthquake, all faculty, staff, and students should take cover, facing away from windows or glass. Once the shaking stops, buildings may NOT be evacuated unless directed over the PA or in person. The fire alarm will signal evacuation of the buildings. If buildings are evacuated, faculty, staff, and students will assemble per general evacuation procedures.


If there is an intruder on campus or a hostage/shooter situation, students will take shelter in the closest room to their location. Teachers will follow Intruder procedures in their rooms. An Intruder order may be released directly through a face-to-face command from police personnel or a school administrator. This drill is NEVER practiced without prior notice so please be aware that if an Intruder bell is initiated unannounced it should be taken very seriously.

Shelter in Place

Western Contra Costa County regularly tests their shelter-in-place emergency system on the first Wednesday of every month. The purpose for the shelter-in-place warning system is to alert the county community of a spill or leak from one of the many refineries in Western Contra Costa County. The shelter-in-place warning is activated with an air raid siren being sounded. Once the siren sounds, shut and lock all windows and doors. Windows can be opened once the siren stops.

Off Campus Evacuation

If ordered by fire or law enforcement personnel, it may be necessary to evacuate to an off-campus location. Attendance procedures for a general evacuation will be followed with faculty, staff, and students assembling in the designated area according to homeroom assignments.

Parent/Guardian Information and Student Release

The safety of all students, faculty, and staff is of paramount importance to Salesian High School. During a critical incident, please do not approach the campus or area where the incident is occurring as it may impede the response of emergency and school personnel and result in further danger to all students. Please understand that you may not have immediate access to your students regardless of whether you may be able to establish direct communication with him/her. Security personnel may determine it is necessary to secure the campus allowing only emergency response personnel access.

When it is deemed safe to release students, they will only be released to authorized parents/guardians.

Students will not be released to other parents, students, or be allowed to walk or drive themselves home unless authorization from parent/guardian can be verified. Students will be released to parents or guardians at the assembly point, the main gate, or other location determined by the school and/or emergency response personnel.