Class Schedule

A typical student at Salesian College Preparatory might have the following class schedule:

Grade 9 Units Grade 10 Units
Religious Studies 10 Religious Studies 10
English 10 English 10
World History 10 Biology 10
Mathematics 10 Mathematics 10
Physical Education 10 Elective 10
Foreign Language 10 Foreign Language 10
Computer Lit./Health 10 Visual/Performing Art/ Music 10
Grade 11 Units Grade 12 Units
Religious Studies 10 Religious Studies 10
English 10 English 10
United States 10 Government 5
Mathematics 10 Economics 5
Science 10 Mathematics 10
Elective/Advanced Foreign Language Course 20 Electives/Advanced College Prep. Courses 20

At Salesian College Preparatory, we have a modified block schedule. All academic classes meet four times a week, with three days of all seven periods for approximately 45 minutes. On Wednesday and Thursday, our ‘Block days’, three to four periods meet for eighty minutes. Our schedule also reflects a rotating order of class periods so students and teachers can benefit from not always having the same class first thing in the morning or right before lunch. This tumbling schedule provides students and teachers with a variety of class meeting times during the course of a week that may expand the opportunities for assessment, a field trip, or just a new perspective on a class based on a different time of the day. Our second and seventh periods are the only frozen blocks of the day. The Community Time period scheduled for Wednesday afternoon accommodates guest speakers, student assemblies, rallies, prayer services, Faith Family activities, etc. (See the Sample Bell schedule tab)